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Food Forum is a meeting place for experts in the field of food.

The Flevoland Food Forum pavilion stands more than four meters below sea level on the Floriade Park in Almere. The building makes the story of Flevoland visible in a unique way by lifting a 5-meter thick layer of Flevoland soil up to the sea-level line.

Food Forum was designed by architectural firm DoepelStrijkers and is inspired by the principles of Nature Based Building. This has been combined for so far as possible with the principles of the circular economy, translated into "circular building".

The ground floor is light, reflective and transparent and refers to the sea-level. The space consists mainly of secondary or recycled materials. The first floor is made mainly with renewable materials with an adobe fa├žade that refers to the fertile Flevoland soil. Closing water, energy, material, waste and food cycles is integrated as far as possible in a didactic manner. This can be seen and experienced by visitors to Floriade Expo 2022.

Within the framework of the circular economy, a number of elements such as the lift, kitchen, lighting and furniture fall under a lease contract. The supplier remains the owner of their own product stimulating sustainable innovation and ensuring recycling of products. The building design also takes disassembly and reuse of the building elements and furnishings in the future into account.

The raised level is primarily made from renewable materials. The structure of this level is built with CLT (Cross Laminated Timber). The construction is also the finish for the walls and ceiling, thereby limiting the need for additional materials. The adobe facade is combined with cellulose insulation and the CLT inner wall. These renewable materials regulate the moisture balance in a natural way giving Food Forum a healthier indoor climate than a regular building. The finishing floor on the first floor is made from recycled concrete reinforced with elephant grass (Miscanthus). It is much lighter than traditional concrete and is fully recyclable. Food Forum is the second building in the Netherlands where this innovation is applied.

Food Forum inspires! People from all over the food chain meet here. From producers and students to entrepreneurs and researchers. Together they make innovative plans for the sustainable food supply of the future.

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Nature based

The ambition to build a Nature Based building is visible in the form and material usage. The building makes optimum use of the microclimate with natural shading, passive heating and cooling and natural ventilation. The massive earth roof is optimally utilized to create a comfortable indoor climate all year round. The greenhouse on the roof is a winter garden and regulates the natural ventilation. State-of-the-art bio-based and geopolymer materials are applied to with the ambition of keeping the CO2 footprint as small as possible.
Closing water, energy, materials, waste, and food cycles as technical solutions are integrated in a didactic manner so visitors can see and experience these aspects in SubZero. In 2017 the basic building will be realised and will continue to develop towards 2022 for the opening of the Floriade.
Province of Flevoland
Almere, the Netherlands
architecture and interior/ 800m2 flexible space for students and start-ups, exhibitionspace, restaurant
Completion in 2020
Duzan Doepel, Eline Strijkers with Kasper Zoet, Mikolai Brus, Goda Verikaite, Riekie Brokking. Jaap van Dijk
Imd, Rotterdam
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