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New village


Designed from the inside-out with a user centered approach, this apartment building and innovation center will help train people with a disability to regain control of their lives.

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Designed from the inside out

The building is designed form the inside out. The point of departure is the client who is entering the world for the first time after being treated in a hospital. He or she needs to learn to live with his or her disability. This is an emotional process and goes hand in hand with frustration of having lost control over ones own life. The revalidation process and mental and physical capabilities of the client are leading in the design of the apartments, the spatial layout and the transitions from public to private domain. Through routing and smart interfaces inhabitants can determine the desired degree of interaction with their environment on every scale.
Siza, Arnhem
Arnhem, the Netherlands
5000m2, 36 apartments and an innovation center
Completed 2020
process management
vb&t projectmanagement B.V. Eindhoven, Lijn Ontwikkeling Boxtel, An Archi B.V. Zoetermeer
contractor facade and casco
Tricon bouw, Velp
contractor interior
Vense Projecten B.V., Apeldoorn
Groen & Aldenkamp Installatietechnieken B.V., Woerden
Kingspan Unidek SIPS / Alucobond
Duzan Doepel, Eline Strijkers with Kasper Zoet, Guido Duba, Mikolai Brus, Riekie Brokking, Jaap van Dijk and Joeri Bellaard
Imd, Rotterdam
advisor installations
Peter Prins, Woerden
APA Foto
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