DOEPELSTRIJKERS IS AN INTERDISCIPLINARY DESIGN STUDIO FOR INTERIOR, ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN PROJECTS. The beauty of our profession is the ability to respond to the specifics of a place and culture. To dive deep into local conditions and challenges and find tailor-made design solutions.

Prooff Orgatec


For the Prooff stand on the Orgatec 2018 Fair in Cologne, DoepelStrijkers designed a stand which is based on the effects of external influences. An environment in which contemplation is charged by connecting together inside and outside experience and thus man and nature.

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Light and change are the key elements in the concept of the stand. The light that refers to the changing light during the season and how you experience light during the day. This animated changing of the light on the stand creates an environment which, like nature, is never static. The stand is moving and adapting just like nature. Wellbeing at work is a big topic these days. Spaces where change can be experienced, such as that experienced in nature, reduced stress and promoted productivity. These non-sensori stimuli are extrapolated by constantly changing light and highly reflective materials. With this the terms 'reflection' and 'movement' are present both literally and figuratively in the stand.
PROOFF, Rotterdam
Cologne, Germany
completed 2018
Vink Standbouw, Waddinxveen
light dmx programming
Jonas Vorwerk, Rotterdam
light spots
Peitsman, Rotterdam
Duzan Doepel, Eline Strijkers with Chantal Vos, Bernard Oussoren, Riekie Brokking
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