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Dutch Windwheel


The Dutch Windwheel is an architectural landmark, innovative windmill and unprecedented attraction. It responds to the increasing flow of tourists to Rotterdam and the transition to a Clean Tech economy.

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Sustainable development

Over the last decade sustainable urban (re)development has been dominated by bottom-up initiatives that one for one have huge direct and indirect impact on the social, ecological and economic performance of our cities. The Dutch Windwheel is a mega project that seeks to achieve the same goal but with a radically alternative approach and process. The project explores how tourism and iconic sustainable architecture can jump-start and positively impact on district development.

Innovation program

Thirty three companies and research institutes have joined forces to develop the Dutch Windwheel. These organisations are all working on a program, aiming to combine, scale and market all kinds of promising technical innovations at the nexus of water, energy, and building technology.

This program contains (R&D) projects for local energy production (PowerNest and a smart skin) storage (Ecovat) and distribution (multi-commodity smart grid), a closed water system, the use of circular materials and lease constructions, as well as IoT based technologies to enhance the experience and attraction value of the Dutch Windwheel and its environment.
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Realisation 2022-2025
61.000m2 public space, apartments, hotel, restaurant, touristic attraction
innovation and feasibility year 2016-17
Doepel Strijkers, Meysters and BLOC (Windwheel Corporation)
AM en Koninklijke BAM Groep, Deltares, Dura Vermeer, ECN, Eneco, Innovation Quarter, PNO, SPIE, TNO and the Windwheel Corporation
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