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ECC European Conservation Centre


The demand for efficient and durable storage space for our collective cultural heritage is rapidly growing. As sustainability becomes mainstream, so do the performance criteria for this type of structure. Helicon Conservation Support has developed a unique low-tech storage concept based on climate design principles. The PauseBox uses a minimal amount of energy to create the optimal conditions for any collection, for an indefinite period of time. The standard building is energy neutral and can be made energy plus by placing extra PV panels on the roof. PauseBox is the only energy neutral solution on the market that complies with the standards for Archive Regulations, KNA, Museum Register and international loan conditions.
The building is designed using modular signature elements from the fa├žade louvers and PauseBox units, down to the furniture in the office spaces. This makes the concept scalable, to any location and programmatic specifications. The ECC head office is currently being developed in Alphen a/d Rijn, with leads for dependences in a number of Dutch cities
Helicon Conservation Support, Zoeterwoude
Alphen a/d Rijn, the Netherlands
7.500m2 depot with PauseBox, office with conservation and workshop facilities
Completion in 2022
project management
Studio Bouwhaven
collection care, physics & climate
Helicon Conservation Support
installation and fire advisor
Van der Kooij & Verhoef Management & Consultancy
structural engineering
Broersma Bouwadvies
Architecture & interior
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