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An existing farm is transformed into a house and conference centre. The layout of the farm is comprised of three archetypal
shed-like volumes.

The existing living area of the farm is however characterised by unclear additions and level differences in the roof. The plan seeks to further enhance the qualities of the existing structures. By removing the floors and internal volumes this strong archetypal form is experienced from the inside as well as from the outside.
The living area is re-converted into an archetypal house. In order to be able to expand the view of nature and the relationship with the patio, the south-east side of the building is completely glazed. Each of the nine different functions is situated in it’s own volume. The nine houses for nine functions are organised on a carpet of concrete tiles. The interior of the main building can be transformed from a living space into an auditorium for projections and a showroom.

Expo Farm

Hans Lensvelt
Meer, Belgium
480 m2 conference studio house, renovation and interior of main and side buildings
realised 2008
Eline Strijkers with Andre van der Slik
Esther Stam
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