DOEPELSTRIJKERS IS AN INTERDISCIPLINARY DESIGN STUDIO FOR INTERIOR, ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN PROJECTS. The beauty of our profession is the ability to respond to the specifics of a place and culture. To dive deep into local conditions and challenges and find tailor-made design solutions.

Duzan Doepel - Founding Partner

Johannesburg, South Africa, 1971.
After completing his bachelor studies in South Africa, Duzan immigrated to the Netherlands in 1996 to work for MVRDV architects. It was during this period that he worked with Eline Strijkers, not realising that they would later start their own studio together. He developed his fascination for integral sustainability in his Masters thesis and this formed the theoretical basis for his private practice from 2003. In 2007 he co-founded DoepelStrijkers. Duzan periodically gives lectures and workshops both in the Netherlands and abroad. He participates in several advisory boards, and was professor of Sustainable Architecture at the Rotterdam University of Applied Science from 2011 -2014.

2019 > | Co-founder Woodstock Real Estate BV, Rotterdam
2015 > | Co-founder Dutch Windwheel corporation, Rotterdam
2007 > | Co-founder of DoepelStrijkers, Rotterdam
2003 > 2007 | Independent architect
2002 > 2003 | Netherlands Institute for Spatial Research
1996 > 2001 | Architect at MVRDV, Rotterdam

2011 > 2014 | Professor of Sustainable Architecture at the Rotterdam University of Applied Science
2010 > 2012 | Advisory board for the Netherlands Architecture Institute
2009 > 2011 | Committee member for the Netherlands Architectural Fund
2006 > 2009 | Guest tutor at Academy of Architecture Rotterdam and Alterra, Wageningen.

1997 > 1999 | Academy of Architecture Rotterdam, Masters Architecture, Cum Laude
1991 > 1995 | University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Bachelor Architectural Studies, Cum Laude

Eline Strijkers - Founding partner

Weesp, the Netherlands, 1969.
Eline is architect and interior architect. After a career that started in 1994 at MVRDV architects as interior architect, she started her own Bureau Strijkers after 5 years. With her office she realized interiors; often complex transformations of existing buildings. Without exception, the projects came about as a result of an intensive analysis process. Her designs are always a clear and unambiguous translation of the central idea. Architect Duzan Doepel and Eline Strijkers shared this process-based approach, a common understanding that led to their collaboration in 2007 and the establishment of the DoepelStrijkers office. The boundaries of traditional interior architecture were never relevant to her work and thinking. This attitude has resulted in her having worked in the field of architecture for many years now and passing an exam at the Dutch Bureau Architectenregister to get officially registrated as an architect. It offers her the space to approach the building from her knowledge and vision of interiors and to studying, understanding, influencing and designing architecture as a complex system. She wants to understand their 'behavior' and act on it to make them more resilient. Eline is looking forward to a future in which a much healthier ecological architecture is achieved by working, with DoepelStrijkers, on a system change that pervades linear construction, ownership and responsibility and ever-changing end use of buildings. In 2019 she co founded Woodstock Real Estate in 2017 together with Duzan Doepel and Hans Pepers. Woodstock develops wooden modular housingprojects.

2019 > | Co-founder Woodstock Real Estate BV, Rotterdam
2015 > | Co-founder Dutch Windwheel corporation, Rotterdam
2007 > | Co-founder of DoepelStrijkers, Rotterdam
1999 > 2007 | Founder of Strijkers office, Rotterdam
1994 > 1999 | Interior architect at MVRDV, Rotterdam

2001 > 2020 | Chairman and jurymember for Dutch Design Awards Design Research & habitat, LAI prize, jurymember ARC award, Archiprix, Dezeen awards
2002 > 2016 | Tutor and visiting critic at Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, Willem de Kooning Rotterdam, Academy of Architecture Rotterdam, TU Delft and Masters interior Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam, INSIDE The Hague, AKV st Joost Breda
2012 > 2018 Member of the Committee Snijpunt, committee for new architecture, Rotterdam

2020 | Officially registered as an architect in the Dutch Bureau Architectenregister
1992-1995 | Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences - Willem de Kooning Academy – department interior architecture, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, shortened graduate
1988-1992 | Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences - Ichthus - Design and Communication, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Cum Laude

employees untill 2020

Juul Barnard, Joeri Bellaard, Philippe Benoit, Kees Besterveld, Annemarie Boot, Riekie Brokking, Sabine Bricard, Jan Geert de Bruin, Mikolai Brus, Francesco Catanese, Eva Chatzipetru, Kwak Dewon, Jaap van Dijk, Guido Duba, Firas Abou Fakher, Carmen Fernandez, Marco Gazzola, Lieke Genten, Danai Goni, Joyce de Grauw, Alex Haider, Zsuzsanna Hazi, Julia Hulgado, Remy Jansen, Young ook Joung, Bo Kyung Ju, Ferenc Károly, Jun bin Kim, Dae won Kwak, Stefan Meyer, Nels Nelson, Maria Orihuela, Bernard Oussoren, Arjan Pit, Dan Purice, Elsbeth Ronner, John Rous, Paul Schurink, Sander van Schaik, Lim jung Soo, Andre van der Slik, Esther Stam, Maxime Sollier, Wil van Twuijver, Marieke Veling, Goda Verikaite, Ennio Vicenzioni, Chantal Vos, Martijn Voskamp, Stefan van der Weele, Kasper Zoet, Leon Zondervan