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sep '20

DC3 Waalwijk realised

For Prologis DC3 we have created a WELL and Circular Toolbox. This led to a design where together with selected BREAAM features all three standards are combined and integrated.
Prologis press release:
Together with partners Doepel Strijkers and M3E, Prologis developed a new way of working for all warehouse construction from this point on. The secret? The Circular Toolbox. The toolbox explains the difference between circularity, cradle-to-cradle and degradable resources and what a Material Passport entails. It also explains how these practices can be implemented. This way of working makes Prologis Park Waalwijk DC3 a prime example of how you can use circularity in your building. Circular eyecatchers? With the help of Erik Koremans (New Horizon) the separation walls are a one-on-one reutilization of materials that come from an old dental office. The floors are made from old fishing nets and calsium which is a waste product from the nearby water treatment facility. The starting point for this project was the question: where can we make the difference today? It made Prologis Park Waalwijk DC3 the new standard for circular building.