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Haarlem, the Netherlands
A place where inside and outside seamlessly merge to optimise the magnificent views of the industrial surroundings and waterfront. A space of spaces, where different atmospheres create a varied experience. A space that invites different use, and can facilitate change. An open and transparent space, that allows for intimacy while maintaining the connection to the crowd…
We envisage a double storey compact structure based on a 5x5x5.2m timber frame. By lifting the northeast corner to the maximum building height, a stepped landscape emerges, connecting the ground level to the roof terrace in a continuous spiralling gesture.
Brewpup figeekade
Space of spaces
How to make a compact, iconic landmark that oozes the playful yet sophisticated character of the Uiltje brand?
Continuous landscape
We envisage a double storey compact structure based on a 5x5x5.2m timber frame. By lifting the northeast corner to the maximum building height, a stepped landscape emerges, connecting the ground level to the roof terrace in a continuous spiralling gesture.
The robust structure is both refined and raw, and indirectly refers to the logic of the industrial architecture where form follows function. As opposed to an industrial process, the function of this space is optimising interaction and the experience of the sublime site. The three dimensional form is an expression of the spiral staircase connecting waterfront terrace to roofscape and sky bar.
The entrance, toilets, wardrobe, kitchen and storage space are located ‘under’ the stepped landscape on the ground floor. A large centrally placed bar is surrounded by loose tables that scatter from inside to the outside terrace. Large windows slide vertically to open the space to the outside. The 5x5m steps function as lounge and meeting space, with comfortable couches and chairs. These lead up to the roofscape and culminate in an outdoor sky bar. A small lift connects ground floor, roof terrace and skybar.
The 5x5m grid forms the basic design for the outdoor terrace, on the south and west side. The grid dissolves at the edges creating the sense that it emerges out of the surrounding green carpet. Each grid element has one multi-stemmed tree, for shade and to break the wind. By copying these elements through the building and up the staircase to the roof terrace, the two levels are not only physically but also visually connected.
The spatial structure forms a ‘stage’ that can be used in a multitude of ways.
The basic layout as sketched with the café / pub on the ground floor and roofscape, with connecting lounge steps in-between. Or, the lounge elements can be replaced with tables and chairs creating a continuous café / pub from ground level to roof. It is even possible to use the stepped landscape for presentations, like a tribune or as a gallery when live music is on the cards.
Circular and sustainable
The concept is based on the principles of climate architecture, using natural ventilation, passive heating and cooling and dynamic shading. Biobased materials are combined with secondary and recyclable elements to limit the environmental impact. Rainwater is harvested and used for watering the trees. It is possible to create an individual energy system or explore the potentials of collective systems. Depending on the operational plans, long term lease constructions / circular economic models can be developed.
The interior can also be designed from circular design principles. Second-hand, refurbished furniture can be combined with custom-made furniture to create a look and feel that strengthens the playful character of the brand.
Raw and refined
Raw materials like wood, concrete, glass and a steel mesh sunscreen are combined with a tactile interior layer. The spatial concept of the building consisting of stepped floor areas and a column and beam structure, is strenghthend by the integrated interior concept. The fixed lighting will playfully accentuate the direction of the stairs upwards through long line lighting. The large staircase will also be finished with soft cushions that make the stepped floor area easy to read and offer comfortable seating. Upon entering the building, with the kitchen on the right and the toilets on the left, the walls inside the wooden grid consists of wooden casks. This strengthens the look and feel of the Brewpub immediatley on entering the space. The concrete floor offers the starting point for a number of space organising objects. In this line of thought, the kitchen and bar can, for example, also be made from concrete.
Project credits
Uiltje Brewpup, Haarlem
Figeekade Haarlem, the Netherlands
brewpup with waterfront terrace and sky bar.
Preliminairy design 2018
Design credits
Duzan Doepel, Eline Strijkers with Chantal Vos, Kasper Zoet, Mikolai Brus
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