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Rotterdam, the Netherlands
A light box wrapped around the dominant concrete structure temporarily transforms the spatial configuration of the third floor exhibition space of the NAi.
Heesterveld exhibition
The exhibition space in the NAI is dominated by concrete walls 2.5 m high and 30 m long. It is very tempting to respond to this given spatial configuration by simply hanging exhibition material on the walls, as has been done in countless exhibitions in this space.

But by wrapping the concrete walls in a 'light-box' comprised of larger than life photographs, the linear space is completely transformed. A double sided exhibition and routing is the result of this intervention. Visitors are invited to walk around the 'light-box' to get an impression of the context and are subsequently drawn into the box through a large illuminated door.

The content of the exhibition is overwhelmingly diverse; historical photographs and sketches, interviews, 38 competition entries, 6 nominated plans and photographs of the existing context and people. Once inside the box the routing is linear, leading visitors though the history of the area, the issues and possible future solutions. Each of the 6 nominated plans is exhibited in a 'room' comprised of a suspended television showing an interview of the architect and a wall to wall projection on a partition. The winning entry is the last in the sequence and is followed by a neutral space for reflection and comment.
Project credits
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
400 m2 exhibition design
realised in 2007
Design credits
Duzan Doepel, Marc Joubert, Eline Strijkers with Stefan van der Weele
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