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Korea National Housing Corp HQ

Seoul, Korea
A cultural building and office block meet in the sky to form a landmark building for downtown Seoul. On a prominent site in a new development in Jeonju, this headquarter building is built-up out of two components, an office building of 22.000m2 and a cultural building of 8.000m2.
Korea National Housing Corporation
The typical typology for this programmatic combination would be a plinth containing the cultural program with an office tower above it. By fusing the two volumes, the cultural program flows up into the office program, meeting around the fourth floor where the shared facilities are situated. The higher m3 construction price of the cultural program is used in this way to generate an iconic office building.

Shifting and twisting the cultural leg of the building towards the park generate two public spaces with a diagonal link. This public space not only terminates the shopping street but also gives both the office and cultural buildings their own prominent address.
Rows of trees penetrate the roof of the underground parking garage. These are visually connected to the trees, which are situated in the climate facade on the south side of the building, generating the impression of a vertical park. At night the trees are lit up like green light boxes, floating up to 60m above the ground.
Project credits
DA GROUP Urban Design & Architecture co. Ltd.
Jeonju, Korea
Realised in 2010
22.000 m2 office, 8.000 m2 cultural centre
Design credits
Duzan Doepel i.c.w. Young wook Joung, Jaap van Dijk with Bo kyung Ju, Jun bin Kim, Dae won Kwak
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