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The ambition of the KNU University in Korea to attract students from around the world will be realised in a new research and development office building with ancillary convention centre.

The L-shaped structure is optimally orientated towards the sun to allow for maximum daylight penetration into the office spaces. The different clusters are functionally positioned with optimum social interaction in mind. Buy splitting the building along the cluster lines and pulling it apart a series of ‘canyons’ are formed. This ‘green lung’ separates and connects the different programs simultaneously. The roof is fitted with pv panels that generate renewable energy and filter the light into this atrium-like space. The building forms a nexus in the circulation across the campus and functions as a new icon for the university.
Kunwon, Korea
4.000 m2 convention centre, 26.000 m2 classrooms, laboratories and office space
competition 2007
Duzan Doepel, Young wook Joung, Jaap van Dijk with Kwak Dewon, Bo Kyung Ju, Lim jung Soo
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