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PC Uitvaart

Zaandam, the Netherlands
PC Uitvaart, an Amsterdam based chain of crematoria, is a specialist in handling funerals for every background, religion and culture. They have the ambition to realise healthy, high-profile buildings to position themselves nationally as the market leader for sustainable funerals.

Doepel Strijkers has created a Blueprint for the transformation of their buildings. This ambition has been translated into a sustainable, biophilic, and future-proof design. We developed a concept that blends indoor and outdoor spaces, incorporates elements of nature, and integrates technology to empower clients to create tailor-made rituals. The first location for realisation is Zaanstad.
With this design, the buildings become inspiring for all target groups of different ages and appeal to all cultures. The buildings optimally facilitate the special moment of saying goodbye to a loved one and offer space for contemplation and togetherness at the various moments of farewell and commemoration.
Wooden structure and thematic gardens
Doepel Strijkers analysed the untapped potential of the existing crematoria. Their ambitious approach resulted in a concept that gives a new identity to the outside and inside of the building, connects indoor and outdoor spaces, uses nature as a carrier of the spaces and integrates technology to enable customers to create tailor-made rituals for their loved ones.

The main intervention on the outside of the building consists of the addition of a wooden structure around the building and an intensification and thematisation of the landscape adjacent to this wooden structure. The wooden structure is designed to strengthen the connection between inside and outside, to eliminate annoying logistics of multiple traffic streams around and in the building and to create a ritual route from the building to the cremation area and cemetery. This architectural element serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. It gives identity to the series of buildings of PC Uitvaart. It also allows multiple entrances on different sides of the building, serves as sun protection and provides a framework for enclosing and theming outdoor gardens and ceremony spaces. This wooden structure enables a seamless transition between the gardens and the interior because the outdoor space can be functionally connected to the indoor space. Facades are opened where they meet the gardens for accessibility and views of the landscape and the changing seasons. For the development of the landscape with the thematic gardens and the indoor greenery, the office has entered into a collaboration with the landscape architecture office Madma from Rotterdam.
Integration of nature
We seamlessly integrated nature into the crematorium's design. Indoor greenery in different forms, is strategically placed, providing not only a sense of tranquility but also serving as functional elements, like seating and spatial dividers. This integration blurs the lines between nature and technology, enhancing the overall ambiance.
Smart mirrored walls
Large mirrored walls strategically placed within the interior reflect the lush indoor greenery. These smart walls can display images and text related to the deceased in a customizable manner. This innovative feature empowers loved ones to create personalized and tailor-made rituals, paying tribute to their departed in a unique way.
Neutralising visual noise
To create a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere, all existing walls and doors within the facility are transformed into a homogenous neutral tone. This design choice eliminates visual distractions, allowing the focus to shift to the ceremony and memorialisation.
Wooden ceiling and bio-based dark floor
A unifying wooden ceiling connects all interior spaces while discreetly housing light and audio installations. Simultaneously, a bio-based dark floor envelopes the indoor fixed objects, creating an abstract yet functional landscape. This choice subtly alludes to the earth's natural hue, further reinforcing the connection to nature.
Project credits
PC Uitvaart
PC Uitvaart, Amsterdam
Zaanstad, Netherlands
Realisation 2024
Transformation of existing buildings with expansion with circulation area with wooden structure around the building with integrated landscape and thematic gardens. Zaanstad location 2.400m2.
Architectural advice and total engineering
Studio Bouwhaven, Dordrecht
Process and project management
Lanowv, Rotterdam
Design credits
Duzan Doepel, Eline Strijkers with Riekie Brokking, Goda Verikaitė, Casper Aussems, Francisco Monsalve, Niek Immers
MADMA urbanism+landscape, Rotterdam
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